Lazaris is an independent brand design studio.



We specialize in evolving and translating brand experiences across all medium types. Our work spans the spectrum from physical spaces, and retail design to mobile apps and other digital design. 

We exist to empower our clients business and propel them into the next chapter of their business. We are unapologetically bold in our ability to up level our clients business. We empathize with our clients, their customers, and deliver work that inspires.



Financial Benefits:

We understand that investing in your brand and creative services can be a large financial investment for smaller brands and new businesses. We view every client relationship as a partnership and aim to create successful work that not only looks amazing but also provides a return of 10 times your investment. Obviously, for legal reasons we cannot guarantee this return on investment. However, this is our goal with every project we take on, and how we grade ourselves on a project’s success.

Emotional Benefits:

We get it. Sometimes working with a creative studio can get frustrating. We have been on both sides of the house, and seen it all. We want our clients to feel a sense of relief in working with us. We communicate promptly, get the work done on time and even bill on schedule. Say hello to a different agency experience. One that's equal parts doctor, therapist, designer, best friend and devil's advocate.

Physical Benefits:

A cohesive, brilliant and solid creative direction and process for the clients to take forward and build off of. This one's a bit easier to explain/ show. No, we aren't talking about your clear skin and weight loss that comes from working with a non stressful design firm. The physical benefits you get are the beautifully designed solutions to your business problems as well as a healthy portion of beautiful collateral.

Spiritual Benefits:

Imagine a world where you didn’t get weighed down due to blockers during your day. We know you are looking for additional design and branding help cause you have something you are super excited to get out the door. Time is of the essence and the hourglass is ticking, so let's get jamming.



Alex Lazaris

Creative Director & Founder

Brian Cortright

Developer & Designer

Kayden Knauss


Molly Cuny


Leon In




Discovery & Strategy

Brand Architecture

Visual Identity

Experience Design

Art Direction