Brand Design

We build more than just successful brand identities. We create living, breathing design systems that empower organizations.

Shapes and sizes

Brand Design

People often think Brand design is simply the logo or identity design. We look at brand design as a holistic experience that is based around the brand strategy, and translated across all outward representations of the brand. Everything from the brand name, tone, identity, logos, through to design systems that your team utilizes, are highly considered and crafted to best serve your team. 

Design Systems

We view brand design as a holistic process that empowers all aspects of your business. We know that each section of your business has different goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses. We base the design vision for the brand off the work done in the Discovery and Strategy phases of the project. This work allows us to know that the design directions we are charting toward answer and solving actual business problems. Once the logo, color palettes, typefaces, and other identity work are created, we set out to build design systems that empower your business.