Brand Strategy

We build brand strategies that serve as the foundation and guiding light for your business success.

Brand strategy session at the Lazaris office for a consumer ride sharing application.

 The findings gleaned from the discovery phase serve as the platform for our strategy phase. In the strategy phase we formulate a comprehensive strategy that is intended to inform every aspect of your business, and empower your company for success and longevity. Out of this phase you will gain a cohesive strategy that covers your brand’s positioning, purpose, attributes, vision and mission statements, as well as a thorough understanding of your audience, and competitive landscape.


Brand Platform:

We will craft a brand platform that serves as the foundation for your future brand success. A strong brand platform stems from a strong cohesive core essence and ripples outward into everything that the company does. Without a strong brand platform, teams, product decisions, goals, and objectives can quickly become muddied and confused.

Core Essence:

We help you identify and refine your business’s core essence. The core essence of your business should distill your brand into its simplest form. Every product or service within the brand will embody this essence and can never sway from these tenants. Usually a small set of unified and focused words. Sometimes called the brand drivers or brand dimensions. It should be ownable and enduring, ideally providing differentiation from all competitors.

Brand Pillars:

The brand pillars are comprised of five different sections. These sections include: Company Purpose, Culture, Customer Promise, Brand Positioning, and Brand Characteristics, all of which work together to give additional structure and support to your brand.


Mission and Vision Statements

Company Purpose

We help you better articulate the reason why your business exists. What motivates the business. What is the business trying to solve / accomplish / address or create. It connects all organizational players and keeps them aligned toward the future vision.

Actions, Beliefs,and Values


Values are virtues and principles. Beliefs are ideology, mindset, construct and framework. Actions are the real output of behavior. All need to be expressed day in and day out and represent a clear articulation of what the company stands for. All are a call to action for everyone responsible for the brand. All are interdependent and work together to drive the core essence.

Customer Promise

We help you define your customer promise in order to describe the brand’s unique and specific commitment(s) to those it serves. By delivering on this pledge, the brand maintains the trust of its customers and their continued loyalty.

Brand Positioning

We define your brand’s defining point(s) of difference in order to occupy a unique space in the market and a competitive advantage. The starting point as you tell your brand story, and whom you should tell it to.


Brand Characteristics

We help your brand better identify and express itself by building a definitive list of brand characteristics. These characteristics are made up of the product and brand attributes and personalities, and will guide the tone, look and feel of the product and the public facing communication. Product Attributes describe the benefits, features, advantages, and the general day-to-day interaction with the product. Brand personality is a distilled archetype of the brand using anthropomorphic terms.