Our discovery process identifies problems and solutions that your business faces. It creates the foundation from which the strategy work is built.

Our Discovery illuminates our clients pain points and strenths.

Our discovery phase identifies the core problems and solutions that your business faces. We meet with both internal and external teams to uncover key insights, and understand hidden pain points. We strive to understand the business as well as you do, and to get to the heart of the brand. We will uncover what your customers value most, and why.  We will discover what the competitive landscape looks like, and what motivates your consumers and. We not only look at what your brand looks like from the outside, but also deep dive into internal processes, and team dynamics and pain points in order to build systems that solves your every day business problems.


Brand Audit

We start the brand audit with an external examination of how the current brand sits compared to its competition. We evaluate what the brand is doing well, and what can be strengthened. We dive into the brand’s legacy is, and what systems have been used in the past. We examine how internal teams, got to where they are, and understand their joys, as well as their frustration points. We use the audit to explore every single facet of the brand over the course of its existence. The brand audit is used as an unbiased statement of key findings and facts about how the brand is currently conducting, representing, and portraying itself.


We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. Our qualitative research involves ethnographic interviews, conversations, interviews and in depth exploration about how people feel about the brand. Our quantitative research focuses on the measurable aspects of the brand. We collect and synthesize data from polls, questionnaires, and surveys. We provide meaning and context behind what those data points mean so there is clarity and consensus. We combine qualitative and quantitative research together to give your brand a well rounded and full understanding of what the research means to you.