An independent brand design studio.


Brand Discovery

Discovery is where we uncover the business strengths, weaknesses, and any problems that the business or teams may be experiencing. We uncover the heart of the brand, and learn what makes the business tick. We dive into the customer’s mindset in order to discover what your customers value most, and make sure it’s aligned to your future business goals.


Brand Strategy

Strategy sets the path forward for your brand. It aligns all aspects of your business, from your product offering, messaging, and your visual storytelling. We look at brand strategy as a long-term guide for your business success. It’s successful implementation touches every aspect of your business, and each team member.


Brand Design

People often think Brand design is simply the logo or identity design. We look at brand design as a holistic experience that is based around the brand strategy, and translated across all outward representations of the brand. Everything from the brand name, tone, identity, logos, through to design systems that your team utilizes, are highly considered and crafted to best serve your team.



S E R V I C E S :



Our Atticus work was featured on Behance for a second time!

Our founder Alex Lazaris designed Tequila bottles on Adobe Live!

Our photography studio is up and running! Let us know how we can serve your needs today.