Introduction to Branding brought to you by Adobe

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Alex Lazaris


August 31, 2022

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This 5 part video series is broken into bite size chunks to give you a high level introduction to brand design and how to get started. This course covers moodboards, strategy, type, color, and brand expansion past logo creation.

Brand Strategy 101

We kick off our introductory course with Brand Strategy. Strategy sets up the rest of the project up for success. In this video we talk about brand characteristics, moodboarding and how brand pillars, purpose and mission and vision are powerful tools for your future business success.

How To Make A Logo

In this video, we show you how to leverage some of Adobe Illustrator’s basic tools to start your logo creation journey. Leveraging some simple shapes and the pen tool, you can make some pretty surprising logo designs quickly.

Typography for Branding

Type can be tricky for brands, businesses and new designers. This video covers the basics behind type, different styles, nomenclature and some tips and tricks for you to get started using type better for your brands.

Expanding Your Brand

You’ve created your brand strategy, logos, and have some ideas around type. In this video we talk about color theory, patterns and other quick wins for your brand that allow your logo to start becoming a brand.

How To Use Your Brand with Adobe Express

Now, that you have everything designed.. Time to generate some marketing assets. In this video we show you how to bring your brand into Adobe Express, and how to leverage it to quickly spin up marketing collateral.